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It’s Us or Rust! We use a hot dip process that metallurgically bonds zinc to steel for decades of durability. See what’s new at Upstate New York’s premiere hot dip galvanizer.
In 1963, the initial tram supports underwent galvanization and have remained in service since without requiring maintenance. While the Tramway itself required some modifications, including new cables, a new drive system, rock removal, and new cabins, all fasteners, structural elements, and miscellaneous materials involved in these renovations were hot-dip galvanized, amounting to a total of 400 tons (363 tonnes).
As the world's leading producer of mozzarella cheese, LePrino Foods made a strategic choice by opting for hot-dip galvanized steel in the construction of its new Waverly plant, considering both its aesthetically pleasing appearance and functional benefits. The project faced multiple challenges, particularly in meeting the stringent requirements set by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).
Stretching across the Hudson River in New York's state capital, this pedestrian crossing stands as a testament to beautiful design and durability. The bridge, strategically constructed to accommodate daily visitors and withstand the harsh winters of upstate New York, serves as a vital link reuniting the city with the mighty Hudson.
Situated within the garden of a small private college in upstate New York, the Kirkland College Garden Arch stands as a testament to blooming steel flowers and tendrils, strategically placed at the entrance of a park-like green space. Given the ornate and artistic nature of the garden arch, a smooth and clean appearance was paramount for both aesthetics and subsequent powder coating.
Ensuring a visually appealing outcome for this project was paramount, especially considering the trail's prominent location in a major city with four large colleges, making it a daily recreation spot for numerous people.
Crafted by Jack Howard-Potter, The Muse graced the Cultural Trust of Palm Beach's Sculpture Biennale at the Cultural Art Campus before finding its current home at the Southern Vermont Arts Center. This 25-foot tall sculpture became a focal point in the highly frequented tourist area along the coast in Florida, attracting the attention of critics, artists, and tourists alike.
The New England Wood Pellet manufacturing facility stands as the largest of its kind in the northeastern U.S., producing 100,000 tons of renewable energy annually to heat 33,000 homes in Central New York. With a mission to address wood pellet shortages in the region and reduce heating costs, the plant plays a vital role, especially in the harsh northeastern winters.
Radiating in striking red and black hues, The Peels sculpture stands as a magnificent addition to the Griffiss Business Park in Rome, New York. Notably, the galvanizing for this project was generously provided to highlight the capabilities of powder-coated galvanized steel.
Gracefully gracing the New York skyline, the Wishing Tree stands as a captivating presence at the Griffiss Business and Technology Park, with Hubble Galvanizing leaving an indelible mark through its galvanizing expertise. Crafted by the talented artist Tash Taskale, this arboreal masterpiece's abstract branches serve as a poignant symbol of the wishes of those who pass by.
Admired daily, The Sea of the Ear-Rings sculpture proudly graces the entrance of Northeast Florida's largest art museum, a creation masterfully sculpted by Japanese-American artist Takashi Soga. To safeguard the rings from Florida's highly-corrosive environment, a shining red duplex system, incorporating galvanizing, was employed.
Seated in a contemplative pose, Goliath radiates in Albany, New York, showcasing Jack Howard Potter's expertise in galvanizing, a process he has embraced with great satisfaction over various projects. The acclaimed artist had previously utilized hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) for his popular work, The Muse.
Weaving through the New York skyline, the Crown stands prominently in vibrant blue hues above the Griffiss Business and Technology Park. Renowned artist and sculptor Rainer Maria Wehner embarked on her first galvanizing experience, opting for hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) not only for its protective qualities but also for its cost-effectiveness.