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Seated in a contemplative pose, Goliath radiates in Albany, New York, showcasing Jack Howard Potter’s expertise in galvanizing, a process he has embraced with great satisfaction over various projects. The acclaimed artist had previously utilized hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) for his popular work, The Muse. Goliath, composed of numerous parts with small diameters, demanded meticulous handling during the HDG process, given its susceptibility to rust accumulation in the intricate narrow sections.

In the industrial landscape of New York, where environmental challenges are prevalent, obtaining the highest level of coating protection was imperative. Goliath stands as a testament to the advantages of galvanizing sculptures, demonstrating its efficacy in preserving artistic creations in challenging conditions. The careful treatment of Goliath’s intricate components during the galvanizing process attests to Hubbell Galvanizing’s commitment to ensuring the longevity and aesthetic appeal of artworks. As more artists recognize the benefits of HDG, they too are choosing this method to enhance the beauty and sustainability of their most cherished artistic endeavors.