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While all hot dip galvanizing (HDG) should meet the requirements of ASTM A123, we know your project may have specifications beyond the bare minimum. What we do to accommodate any application is focus on quality and cleaning to give you exactly what you need-racking to finishing.     

Please call us prior to fabrication to ensure the design complies with proper venting and draining requirements, as well as accounting for thermal expansion.  

We provide HDG in three grades of finishing:

Grade AA – No sharp edges, suitable for handrails or any item that will be handled in everyday use.

Grade A – Ready to assemble and meets ASTM A 123 specifications. Typical for structural steel components.

Grade B – Best for material encased in concrete such as rebar.

Credit - AGA Micrograph

Our products meet or exceed all state, federal and ASTM standards. They’re two-thirds the cost of a three-part paint system and we warranty our work for 20 years.

Also for your benefit:

  • We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in a factory-controlled atmosphere 
  • Galvanizing kettle is 5 feet wide, 43 feet long and 9 feet deep– large enough to handle just about any piece of steel-should we put this in here? 
  • We offer While-You-Wait & expedited services pending current workloads and prior commitments
  • Our quotes are timely, and we offer written certifications and warrantees
  • We offer custom metal tags that survive the galvanizing process at no additional cost
  • OEM Specialists – Find out if we can do what others said they could-but failed. Let us “wow” you!


Metal is durable, but try walking on it... If you can’t afford to slip, you need Galvagrit.

Powder Coating

Fortress Fusion powder coating adds years of beautiful, durable color to your projects.


We’re here to assist you every step of your project – from bid to design. We ensure your product will have the best corrosion protection for your buck! Call us at 315-736-8311.

Proven Technology

Galvanizing is not new; it’s a proven technology with over 200 years of effective application. That technology is based on observations that zinc protects iron from rusting, dating back 2,000 years.

To prepare the surface for galvanizing, we use a series of acid baths and water baths to clean, then dip the material into molten zinc – heated to nearly 850 degrees Fahrenheit.

While submerged, the zinc bonds metallurgically to the iron in the steel to the required thickness.

Credit - AGA Micrograph

The result is galvanizing that protects steel two ways:

  1. The zinc coating provides a tenacious barrier that prevents moisture and corrosive agents from attacking the steel.
  2. The zinc actually sacrifices itself first – catholically — oxidizing before the steel can rust and cause damage.

The combination provides superior corrosion protection for steel products. Longevity estimates, based on thickness of zinc, are categorized according to atmospheric environment, in order from gentle to harsh:

Temperate Marine
Tropical Marine

ASTM A 123, the standard governing HDG, requires a minimum of 3.9 mils (It is a range from 1.4-3.9mils) of zinc thickness for quarter-inch material. So, a new product placed in a suburban environment can be expected to last at least 95 years before maintenance is needed.

Duplex Coating System by Hubbell Galvanizing and Fortress Fusion Coatings

While galvanizing is very effective on its own; to take things to the next level of corrosion protection- we also offer powder coating in a wide variety of colors, with color match available if required/requested, through Fortress Fusion Coatings, Inc.

Our galvanizers and powder coaters work directly together from the start of the project to protect our valuable infrastructure.