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Wishing Tree 2008

Gracefully adorning the New York skyline, the Wishing Tree stands as a captivating presence at the Griffiss Business and Technology Park, with Hubbell Galvanizing leaving an indelible mark through its galvanizing expertise. Crafted by the talented artist Tash Taskale, this arboreal masterpiece’s abstract branches serve as a poignant symbol of the wishes of those who pass by. Taskale’s desires for quality and durability find fulfillment through the proven efficacy of hot-dip galvanizing, a technique seamlessly integrated into numerous past projects.

At the heart of this success lies the duplex system, an amalgamation of galvanized steel and powder coating, meticulously applied by Hubbell Galvanizing. This dual-layered approach not only ensures exceptional durability but also contributes to the creation of an aesthetically pleasing final product. Situated in a bustling area with abundant foot traffic, the Wishing Tree’s prominence underscores the importance of achieving a smooth finish before the top coating process, a detail expertly handled by Hubbell Galvanizing.

The Griffiss Business and Technology Park stands witness to the outstanding outcomes of galvanizing artwork, a testament to Hubbell Galvanizing’s commitment to excellence. The Wishing Tree serves as an inspiring beacon, encouraging others to explore the realm of galvanized sculpture, appreciating not only its superior aesthetics but also the protective prowess offered by Hubbell Galvanizing’s expertise.