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It’s Us or Rust! We use a hot dip process that metallurgically bonds zinc to steel for decades of durability. See what’s new at Upstate New York’s premiere hot dip galvanizer.
Operating in the realm of paper recycling, this industrial facility deals with chemicals that generate a corrosive interior environment. With a demanding schedule of just 90 days and a keen focus on long-term performance due to the costly nature of maintenance shutdowns, the optimal solution emerged as hot-dip galvanizing.
As the home to one of the most globally recognized sports museums, the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame stands out as a premier vacation destination. The handrail positioned at the front entrance witnesses the daily passage of thousands of visitors. Over time, the original rails had succumbed to corrosion and wear.
Situated on the campus of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, the Thurston Avenue Bridge holds a prominent position as an iconic structure at this Ivy League institution. Drawing scholars from around the globe, the university is known for its architectural significance, making the visibility of the bridge to the public a crucial consideration. Spanning a treacherous gorge, the bridge is a daily passage for students and handles a substantial traffic load, with approximately 8500 vehicles, 950 pedestrians, and 60 bicycles crossing it each day.
For years, the Utica Zoo harbored the aspiration to provide their gibbons with a more expansive, enhanced, and comfortable habitat. Through dedicated fundraising efforts and prudent savings, the zoo realized this vision.
The canal-filling culverts underwent a lining process using galvanized steel plates, with Hubble Galvanizing playing a crucial role. These substantial culverts, measuring 10 ft. by 7 ft. by 190 ft., posed a challenge due to their size, making galvanizing in one piece unfeasible.
Situated atop a snowy mountain, certain components of this snow maker underwent galvanization by Hubble Galvanizing to ensure robust protection against relentless exposure to the elements. Enduring constant contact with moisture from the snowy surroundings, as well as water and snow internally, this project demanded the reliable barrier and corrosion protection provided by hot-dip galvanized steel.
The handrails at Arthur Ashe Stadium showcase a duplex system featuring paint over hot-dip galvanizing, a testament to Hubble Galvanizing's expertise. During the project specification, the choice was between a paint coating guaranteed for 5 years or opting for a duplex system.
In the enchanting realm of Disney, attractions must not only captivate visually but also exhibit durability. Hence, the Blizzard Beach chairlift and superstructure underwent the meticulous process of galvanization, followed by painting.
The time capsule was interred with the purpose of being unearthed in 50 years, commemorating 250 years of history. To ensure the capsule's preservation, the coating for this project needed to be at least 6 mils, offering confidence that it would remain in excellent condition. This burial serves as an exceptional future case study for hot-dip galvanized steel, showcasing its durability and protective qualities.
Jefferson County, N.Y., has introduced an innovative guardrail system that not only enhances driving safety for commuters but also contributes to the aesthetics of the surrounding environment. The Ironwood Highway Guardrail System stands out as the sole federally approved alternative to weathering steel guardrail systems, seamlessly blending the organic aesthetics of wood with the safety, strength, and durability afforded by hot-dip galvanized steel.
Nestled on the picturesque Cayuga Lake, the Owasco Pier Outlet stands as a highly popular destination for boating, fishing, and picnics. Given the scenic beauty of the location, achieving a smooth and pristine coating for the hand railing was of utmost importance. To meet this requirement, a duplex coating comprising hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating was specifically chosen.
Situated in the affluent community along Skaneateles Lake in Skaneateles, New York, the Skaneateles Community Center stands as a hub for winter activities, ensuring residents have a space to enjoy various amenities and alleviate cabin fever. With features such as an ice skating rink, pool, meeting rooms, game rooms, basketball courts, and a cafeteria, the center caters to diverse recreational needs.