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Genesee Riverways Trail

Ensuring a visually appealing outcome for this project was paramount, especially considering the trail’s prominent location in a major city with four large colleges, making it a daily recreation spot for numerous people. The transportation of railings required special handling to prevent any nicks or marks, with sections initially intended for helicopter placement—though weather challenges necessitated alternative measures.

To adhere to tight schedules, barges and cranes were mobilized, highlighting the durability of the product, which outperformed mere paint under the given circumstances. Given the short construction season and the limited window for outdoor paint application in New York, the combination of factory-applied hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating proved not only fitting but also ahead of schedule. The synergistic effect of galvanizing plus powder coating ensured an exceptionally durable and aesthetically pleasing product that will endure for years.

Located along wetlands in a harsh city environment, the corrosion protection coating had to withstand diverse environmental conditions. Spanning fifteen miles along the Genesee River in the City of Rochester, NY, the trail aligns with the increasing interest in health-conscious activities like walking and biking. As a model for similar projects in other metropolitan areas, the architects were thoroughly educated through the AGA Galvanize It! program. Hubbell Galvanizing’s expertise played a pivotal role in achieving the project’s success.