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The Sea of the Ear-Rings

Admired daily, The Sea of the Ear-Rings sculpture proudly graces the entrance of Northeast Florida’s largest art museum, a creation masterfully sculpted by Japanese-American artist Takashi Soga. To safeguard the rings from Florida’s highly-corrosive environment, a shining red duplex system, incorporating galvanizing, was employed. The challenging conditions, including high humidity, intense ultraviolet rays, wind, sand, coastal salt, and fog, made galvanizing the ideal solution. The rings boast an exceptionally smooth finish, surpassing the artist’s expectations. Moved gently by the wind and a counterweight, these smooth rings create the illusion of a freely floating top ring.

Having previously experienced success with galvanizing projects, Takashi Soga remains exceedingly pleased with the results. The protective shield of hot-dip galvanizing ensures that this sculpture will continue to captivate art enthusiasts for decades, a testament to the enduring quality and aesthetic appeal facilitated by Hubbell Galvanizing’s expertise in galvanizing.