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Need Color and Galvanizing?

Hubbell Galvanizing: It's Us or Rust

You have a project you want to last. And you need metal fast.

Come to Hubbell Galvanizing. We don’t just spray on a bit of zinc and call it galvanized. We use a hot dip process that metallurgically alloys zinc to steel and guarantees decades of durability.

But we go beyond that. We’re not a fabrication shop that offers galvanizing as a sideline. This is what we do. Ninety-five percent of our employees are certified master galvanizers. We run three shifts a day, seven days a week to reduce turnaround and get you your product faster.

We even offer scheduled while-you-wait service for a fee, pickup and delivery written certifications and warranties.

So why rust?

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November 4th
On Wednesday April 11, 2018, Mark Wiswell accepted the Most Distinguished award for Excellence in Hot-Dip Galvanizing at the American Galvanizing Association’s Excellence Awards dinner in Tucson, Arizona.Hubbell Galvanizing was awarded this honor fo…
May 18th
Hubbell Galvanizing recently attended the 2016 NYSATEConference in beautiful Lake Placid, NY.  There were an abundance of NYS DOT Engineers and personnel that Jack Mulvihill, Chris White, Pete Hubbell and Jake Crowell met and spoke with about th…
May 18th
Hubbell Galvanizing replaced the old chromic tank this past week with a new one that Hermosa Corporation made for them. This new tank weighed in at ~38 thousand pounds. Nate Mastro supplied us with the following pictures of the installation.(All Photo Cre…