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The Muse

Crafted by Jack Howard-Potter, The Muse graced the Cultural Trust of Palm Beach’s Sculpture Biennale at the Cultural Art Campus before finding its current home at the Southern Vermont Arts Center. This 25-foot tall sculpture became a focal point in the highly frequented tourist area along the coast in Florida, attracting the attention of critics, artists, and tourists alike.

Renowned as a metal sculptor, Jack Howard-Potter is known for his experimentation with various finishes on his creations. When it came to preserving The Muse, galvanizing emerged as the logical choice for economic and durability reasons. Provided by Hubbell Galvanizing, the entire 1,615-pound sculpture underwent hot-dip galvanizing and was then powder coated with a silver finish to enhance its service life.

The duplex coating applied by Hubbell Galvanizing ensures The Muse’s longevity, shielding it from corrosion and minimizing maintenance requirements in the challenging coastal environment. This strategic combination of galvanizing and powder coating proved not only cost-effective but also capable of offering protection for up to 2.5 times longer than using either system alone. Hubbell Galvanizing’s expertise guarantees that this magnificent sculpture will stand resilient against the corrosive effects of the salty ocean air, allowing art enthusiasts to admire it for many years to come.