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Kirkland College Arch

Situated within the garden of a small private college in upstate New York, the Kirkland College Garden Arch stands as a testament to blooming steel flowers and tendrils, strategically placed at the entrance of a park-like green space. Given the ornate and artistic nature of the garden arch, a smooth and clean appearance was paramount for both aesthetics and subsequent powder coating. Hubbell Galvanizing played a pivotal role in ensuring the piece achieved the desired superior finish.

Crafted by a local art studio, the arch, weighing 500 lbs and constructed from galvanized steel, serves as a prominent feature visible to all college visitors. The decision to use hot-dip galvanized steel stems from its ability to offer excellent protection against the elements, given the constant exposure to sun, rain, wind, and snow throughout the year. The adoption of a duplex system, incorporating powder coating over paint, extends the maintenance-free life of the structure by 1.5 to 2 times. This means the Kirkland College Garden Arch will retain its attractive appearance for years to come with minimal maintenance costs, showcasing the effectiveness of Hubbell Galvanizing’s expertise in preserving artistic structures.