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Oneida County Time Capsule

The time capsule was interred with the purpose of being unearthed in 50 years, commemorating 250 years of history. To ensure the capsule’s preservation, the coating for this project needed to be at least 6 mils, offering confidence that it would remain in excellent condition. This burial serves as an exceptional future case study for hot-dip galvanized steel, showcasing its durability and protective qualities.

Inside the time capsule, a collection of items, including pictures from school children, local historical documents, war veterans’ memorabilia, and more, was carefully placed. The burial ceremony was presided over by Congressman, county executives, and town politicians, adding a sense of significance to the event. The capsule found its resting place at the Oriskany Battlefield Historical Park, where hot-dip galvanized steel emerges as the ideal choice to withstand the rigors of soil conditions.

Hubbell Galvanizing’s expertise in galvanizing ensures that the time capsule, buried in the soil, benefits from the prolonged life and superior protection provided by hot-dip galvanized steel. The project stands as a testament to the resilience and longevity of galvanized steel, securing the historical artifacts within for the anticipated celebration in the years to come.