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Utica Zoo Gibbon House

For years, the Utica Zoo harbored the aspiration to provide their gibbons with a more expansive, enhanced, and comfortable habitat. Through dedicated fundraising efforts and prudent savings, the zoo realized this vision.

The newly expanded space allows the gibbons the freedom to navigate their exhibit in a more naturalistic setting, simultaneously ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive experience for visitors. Andria Heath from Utica Zoo emphasized the pivotal role of professional manufacturing in achieving this objective, particularly in crafting the posts and hardware.

Renowned for their energetic nature, the gibbons at Utica Zoo captivate the public’s attention, especially the younger audience who delight in observing their agile movements within the enclosure. Recognizing the limitations of the existing space, the project aimed to transform an outdated holding area into a spacious gibbon habitat. Notably, this transformation occurred seamlessly while the zoo remained operational and open to the public, with visitors permitted within ten feet of the work area.

The comprehensive project encompassed the creation of an exterior exhibit area and the construction of a new interior holding cage tailored to the needs of the primates. Given the intelligence of gibbons, a special door equipped with a double-locking mechanism was a crucial element to securely contain these primates. The success of this endeavor reflects Utica Zoo’s commitment to providing an enriched and secure environment for their cherished gibbons, with Hubbell Galvanizing playing a vital role in ensuring the durability and quality of the structure.