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N.Y. State Barge Canal Lock Renovation

The canal-filling culverts underwent a lining process using galvanized steel plates, with Hubbell Galvanizing playing a crucial role. These substantial culverts, measuring 10 ft. by 7 ft. by 190 ft., posed a challenge due to their size, making galvanizing in one piece unfeasible. A collaborative effort between engineers, fabricators, and the galvanizer, led by Hubbell Galvanizing, resulted in a design approach that divided the culvert into quarters. This division was facilitated by bracing to maintain the plates as true as possible.

In the interest of efficient field welding with minimal fumes in the tunnel, plate edges were masked. Following the completion of the first winter’s work and a full season of exposure to water and traffic, the culvert exhibited remarkable condition. The New York State Canal Corp. mandated the use of hot-dip galvanized steel, entrusted to Hubbell Galvanizing, ensuring a maintenance-free period of 50 years. The project faced a highly compressed work schedule, limited to two winter seasons, as the canal needed to be open for traffic and commerce during the spring through fall. The unreliability of the original plans necessitated field measurements before fabrication could commence, further intensifying the schedule constraints, successfully managed by the collaborative efforts of the design team, fabricators, and Hubbell Galvanizing.