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Baseball Hall of Fame, Main Entrance

As the home to one of the most globally recognized sports museums, the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame stands out as a premier vacation destination. The handrail positioned at the front entrance witnesses the daily passage of thousands of visitors. Over time, the original rails had succumbed to corrosion and wear.

Recognizing that paint alone wouldn’t suffice to maintain the welcoming appearance of the Baseball Hall of Fame entrance, a rejuvenation was imperative. The chosen solution was a duplex system involving hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) and powder coating. Ensuring a lasting, beautiful finish was crucial for the entrance of the Baseball Hall of Fame, and the sacrificial protection provided by the HDG layer addressed the deficiencies of the original railing. Additionally, the barrier system of powder coating added another layer of defense against the corrosive elements of New York. The duplexed protection bestowed upon the Baseball Hall of Fame entrance ensures that the railing will endure, creating a legacy synonymous with America’s favorite pastime. Hubbell Galvanizing’s expertise in implementing this duplex system underscores their commitment to preserving iconic structures with superior galvanizing work.