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Skaneateles Community Center

Situated in the affluent community along Skaneateles Lake in Skaneateles, New York, the Skaneateles Community Center stands as a hub for winter activities, ensuring residents have a space to enjoy various amenities and alleviate cabin fever. With features such as an ice skating rink, pool, meeting rooms, game rooms, basketball courts, and a cafeteria, the center caters to diverse recreational needs.

The architect faced the challenge of creating a cohesive and uniform appearance that seamlessly transitioned from the humid indoor pool area to the cool ice rink. Simultaneously, the owner sought a durable facility capable of withstanding the constant traffic generated by enthusiastic children. To address these concerns, the architect specified a duplex system involving hot-dip galvanized steel. This system was chosen for its exceptional corrosion performance in the humid and acidic (chlorine) pool environment, as well as its resilience in the low temperatures of the ice rink. To maintain a consistent aesthetic throughout the center, paint was applied as part of the duplex system.

All railings, along with other structural components, underwent galvanization before receiving a paint coating. Given the high visibility and heavy traffic experienced by the railings, achieving a smooth galvanized finish was crucial for the subsequent paint application. The duplex coating’s durability ensures that the Skaneateles community can enjoy a corrosion-free and long-lasting community center for many years to come. Hubbell Galvanizing’s expertise in galvanizing contributed to the success of this project, providing a reliable solution for both aesthetic and structural requirements.