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Mohawk Lifts

Hubbell Galvanizing played a pivotal role in the fabrication of a heavy-duty vehicle lift for Mohawk Resources, Ltd., a prominent US manufacturer renowned for its brand, Mohawk Lifts. Based in Amsterdam, NY, Mohawk Lifts specializes in designing, manufacturing, and selling robust vehicle lifts and custom industrial lift systems on a global scale.

In the construction of this lift, Mohawk Lifts made a strategic choice by opting for galvanizing as the surface protection technology. This decision was fueled by the durability and extended lifespan offered by the galvanized coating, aligning seamlessly with the high-quality products synonymous with Mohawk Lifts. The selection of galvanizing emerged as a superior choice, providing long-term surface protection and overall performance compared to alternatives utilizing painted steel systems.

Mohawk Lifts collaborated with Hubbell Galvanizing, leveraging the galvanizer’s extensive expertise in handling large steel structures. This partnership extended beyond the application of the galvanized coating, with both entities working together to develop design enhancements optimized for the galvanizing process. The result was a heavy-duty vehicle lift that not only met the stringent standards of Mohawk Lifts but also exceeded expectations in terms of durability, performance, and surface protection, showcasing the seamless integration of Hubble Galvanizing’s excellence in the realm of galvanizing.