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Maryland State Highway Agency – Inter County Connector

The Inter-County Connector (ICC), a monumental $1.6 billion project jointly undertaken by the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) and Maryland Transportation Authority, seamlessly connects existing and proposed development areas across Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties. This state-of-the-art, multi-modal east-west highway strategically links the I-270/I-370 and I-95/US 1 corridors, effectively managing access while facilitating the smooth movement of passengers and goods. Executed in five design-build phases, the ICC’s inaugural phase opened to traffic in February 2011, culminating in the project’s final completion in February 2012.

Nestled in one of the nation’s most expensive regions, the ICC demanded meticulous consideration of its environmental impact and aesthetic allure. Recognizing the challenges faced with guardrails previously addressed through painting over bare steel, the Maryland SHA sought a superior solution. While exploring alternatives like A588 (weathering) steel, a comprehensive assessment of issues encountered by other states with A588 steel guide rail systems led the SHA to discard it as a suitable material. Instead, the SHA embraced a duplex system, leveraging Hubbell Galvanizing’s expertise in hot-dipped galvanizing for robust corrosion protection, complemented by a powder-coated overcoat for enhanced aesthetics. The collaboration resulted in a visually pleasing, corrosion-resistant system that harmonizes seamlessly with the ICC, elevating both functionality and aesthetic appeal in the demanding roadside environment. Hubbell Galvanizing’s contribution played a crucial role in achieving an enduring and attractive infrastructure along the Inter-County Connector.