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Sisyphean Circle LX11

Hubbell Galvanizing takes pride in its collaboration with the renowned sculptor John Van Alstine, specifically on his latest masterpiece, Sisyphean Circle LXIII. Situated in the southern region of the Adirondack Mountains, Wells, New York, this award-winning artist has left an indelible mark with his stone and metal abstract sculptures across the USA, Europe, and Asia. A distinguished graduate of St. Lawrence University, Kent State (BFA), and Cornell University (MFA), Mr. Van Alstine has also shared his expertise at the University of Wyoming and the University of Maryland.

The Sisyphean Circle Series, spanning from 2005 to 2015, paved the way for Sisyphean Circle LXIII, the latest addition to Mr. Van Alstine’s impressive portfolio. With over 30 sculptures forming the initial series, housed in the Opalka Foundation Garden in Averill Park, New York, these artworks draw inspiration from Greek mythology and the artist’s own journey. Notably, the Sisyphean stone in LXIII represents an Adirondack guide boat, injecting a lighthearted and locally inspired twist into the collection.

Hubbell Galvanizing has played a crucial role in preserving the beauty and longevity of Mr. Van Alstine’s creations. As the trusted local galvanizer, Hubbell Galvanizing ensures that each piece, including Sisyphean Circle LXIII, undergoes meticulous galvanizing and powder coating processes. This commitment guarantees a high-quality product capable of withstanding the challenging weather conditions of Upstate New York for many years. The partnership between Hubbell Galvanizing and Mr. Van Alstine exemplifies a dedication to craftsmanship, care, and consideration in the preservation of artistic excellence.