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Ocean Parkway Shared Use Path

The Sea Rail stands as a distinctive barrier rail, safeguarding cyclists and pedestrians along the shared-use path on the north side of Ocean Parkway, a recreational trail on Long Island’s barrier islands.

Crafted with a unique design, the Sea Rail deviates from the standard tubular pedestrian/bicycle rail. Instead, it utilizes cut plate and rods to create an aesthetically pleasing structure that complements the scenic beauty of the Great South Bay, separating Long Island’s mainland from the barrier islands.

The Ocean Parkway, constructed in the early 1930s to serve Jones Beach State Park and other barrier beaches, is revered as the crown jewel of the Long Island parkway system. The parkway, maintaining much of its original design, offers breathtaking views of the Long Island mainland, Great South Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean.

As part of the new $3.8 million Ocean Parkway Coastal Greenway project, a 3.6-mile shared-use path was developed between Jones Beach State Park and Tobay Beach in Nassau County. This 13-foot-wide, ADA-compatible paved path, situated on the north side of Ocean Parkway, features the Sea Rail for user protection from the parkway. The project includes enhanced landscaping, educational signs, informational kiosks, benches, and storage for 24 bicycles at Tobay Beach. Path users gain access to Tobay beach facilities, including bay and ocean beaches, a restaurant, and a playground.

The Sea Rail’s exceptional design, using cut plate and rods, not only ensures safety but also enhances the overall aesthetics of the path. To further elevate its visual appeal, the top tubular rail underwent duplex coating, aligning seamlessly with the recreational amenities along the path, showcasing the expertise of Hubbell Galvanizing in creating both functional and visually appealing structures.