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About Hubbell

Industry leaders since 1925

about_hubbell.jpgIn 1925, Orville William Hubbell founded O.W. Hubbell & Sons, Inc to fabricate and install highway guide rail and signs. The company grew from supplying just New York to covering all of the New England area and down along the eastern coast to Florida.

Steel products needed to be galvanized, thus in 1968 the company built its own hot-dip galvanizing plant to meet production needs. Our galvanizing kettle is 5 feet wide, 43 feet long and 9 feet deep - large enough to handle just about any piece of metal. In 1990, we chose to concentrate on the galvanizing process specifically.Galvanizing is our primary economic engine and thus now this operation is Hubbell Galvanizing, Inc.

Allen William Hubbell, Orville Hubbell’s son, was an active leader of the company until his death in 2005. Until his premature death, Orville’s grandson, Daniel Merritt Hubbell was the President and CEO, and expanded both operations with great strategic methods. Orville's grandson, Jonathan Hubbell was President until his retirement in December 2016.

Today Orville’s granddaughter and her husband, Jane & Steve Mulvihill, and Orville’s grandson Peter Hubbell are the leaders of the operations, along with Mark Wiswell who is now the President of the company.

The plant expanded several times over the decades, but keeps all operations and the corporate headquarters at one site in New York Mills, NY.
The facilities operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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