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Testimonials & Case Studies

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"Your company performed the galvanizing of the steel for a project we were involved with.  The project was behind schedule before it started and demanded time schedules that we were sure, could not be met.  However, with the efforts of your company, those schedules became within reach.  Your company made the difference. "

          — Davod Y., President

“I was impressed with not only the technology that you are using and installing powder coating material and looking to the future.”

         —Richard G., engineer

“I wish I had done something like this 15 years ago. We were given a great deal of information and it verified a lot of things I have read. It was just good to see the actual workings of the plant.”

        — Dick S.

“I was impressed with the tour and to find out that we have a first class facility right here in CNY.”

       — Dick G.

“I was very impressed with the presentation and the breadth of knowledge of the technology. Coming from a somewhat of a chemistry background, I was interested in the zinc chemistry: how it was explained and if it was explained in terms of the actual production.”

      — Zach K., engineer

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