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Hubbell Galvanizing:
It's Us or Rust

You have a project you want to last. And you need metal fast.

Come to Hubbell Galvanizing. We don’t just spray on a bit of zinc and call it galvanized. We use a hot dip process that metallurgically alloys zinc to steel and guarantees decades of durability.

But we go beyond that. We’re not a fabrication shop that offers galvanizing as a sideline. This is what we do. Ninety-five percent of our employees are certified master galvanizers. We run three shifts a day, seven days a week to reduce turnaround and get you your product faster.

We even offer scheduled while-you-wait service at no additional charge, pickup and delivery written certifications and warrantees.

So why rust?



An Equal Opportunity Employer


June 30th
Written by: John DelMonte Edited By: Diane MulvihillIntroduction By: Ali Semeraro A customer of ours, Bill Gaetano of Gaetano Construction, approached us with a suit of armor approximately a month ago. His story of how he and his son discovered the armo...
May 2nd
On Friday, March 28th 2014, employees from Hubbell Galvanizing participated in an onsite health evaluation event to kick off the companies’ Wellness Program. The partnership with Excellus Blue Cross, Blue Shield and Interactive Health is aimed at en...
April 17th
Ali Semeraro is an Accounting/Administrative Assistant for Hubbell Galvanizing who has been in charge of creating and implementing the English as a Second Language Pilot Program at Hubbell Galvanizing. Here she gives an account of how she helped sta...