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Need Color and Galvanizing?

Hubbell Galvanizing: It's Us or Rust

You have a project you want to last. And you need metal fast.

Come to Hubbell Galvanizing. We don’t just spray on a bit of zinc and call it galvanized. We use a hot dip process that metallurgically alloys zinc to steel and guarantees decades of durability.

But we go beyond that. We’re not a fabrication shop that offers galvanizing as a sideline. This is what we do. Ninety-five percent of our employees are certified master galvanizers. We run three shifts a day, seven days a week to reduce turnaround and get you your product faster.

We even offer scheduled while-you-wait service for a fee, pickup and delivery written certifications and warranties.

So why rust?

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October 21st
 Every now and then we have a special job come through the plant that is out of the ordinary. The team is excited about running the job because it is different. They know it is a one of a kind. These special jobs are sculptures from artists working w…
February 19th
Each year FuzeHub and the Advanced Institute for Manufacturing showcases a Millennials in Manufacturing Award and Hubbell Galvanizing’s Assistant Production Manager, Jack Mulvihill was one of the winners in 2019! The Millennials in Manufacturi…
January 13th
The majority of the awesome employees at Hubbell Galvanizing and Fortress Fusion Coatings have active jobs. They are constantly moving during their shift every day. The total wellbeing of an individual does not stop just at the physical. To ensure a hea…